Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Done... & Started

Hey there! If you're reading this, wow, welcome to the blog! I've been quilting off and on since the early 90s (yes, I was a baby when I started!) and have recently started back at it. Because I have the bad habit of starting things only to abandon them part way through, I'm starting this blog to spur myself on to not just start new things and play, but to finish, finish, finish!

So, to start things off, I've just finished the blocks for a crazy nine patch a la Oh Franson! And it's not even the first top I've finished this year. That one's a hills n' hollers -ish quilt that just got basted today. No pics because I can't be bothered unfolding it! I'll post a few as I go along with the quilting. Fingers crossed I'll finish it this month. A king size bed just doesn't cut it with a queen size quilt on it I tell ya!

So I thought I'd share a little revelation that I had when I was making this pink beast. I love large scale patterns. You can't live off of large scale patterns alone. Which is such a bummer.

I decided to make this quilt because I have an insatiable appetite for pink and a lot of reproduction fabrics that I bought way back when and now really can't stand the sight of. But don't want to give away. I figured the crazy nine patch has so much going on, no one will (aka I won't) really notice the individual fabrics and it'll all be awesome and modern despite the 1800s prints. Kinda yeah, kinda not so much. But anyway, my point is, here's 2 blocks below, A and B. Study them carefully!!!

A is full of all my favorite patterns (can you tell I went on a modern spree?). B is a mix of my beloved big, modern prints with some smaller scale, tonal, boring prints mixed in. Which one works better? As much as I hate to admit it, my money is on B. Which I guess I shouldn't curse too much because it just means I need to go buy some more fabric, but concentrate on smaller scale, lower contrast. With a few bold prints thrown in, of course!

Adios yo!


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