Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quilting - check!

The quilting is done!

This Hills n' Hollers - esque quilt (or Back side of the Coque as I'm thinking of calling it) is a beast. I've never quilted a king size before and I've never used batting this thick before either. I went to bed last night with arms aching from shoving it through my machine. But it's done. Quilting down, binding to go. And compared to the quilting, the binding is a breeze.

I've started piecing together the binding, doing it scrappy style from the fabrics used for the hills. The dog is at the gate, though, meaning it's dog park time, so fingers crossed Ill get to work on it some more after dinner and get that binding on. So, maybe... Friday it'll be done?

adios, yo,


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