Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April's bee block

Hello!  I can't believe March is almost over.  I feel like I'm in a weird holding pattern.  Waiting to move, waiting for the house to sell, trying not to make any messes.  Yikes.  At least the dog is back home.  Beatrice got a chunk of tennis ball stuck in her intestine and had to have 2 surgeries, the second because the first didn't shut properly and she was leaking stomach contents into her abdomen.  Yuck.  Very unhappy dog.  But she's doing well now and we're doing our best to keep her quiet, which is not the easiest with a young Chesie.

So not much of the quilt variety going on, but I did finish up my April bee block.  I'm going to hang on to it for a few days before mailing it out because I'm a little unsure about the last round.  I like the symmetry of the block with the centre and outer ring the same, but the outer ring might just be too wide.  So it might get tweaked.

I made the treck out to Pritchard, a small town about 45 minutes away today and Di-versity Quilting Supplies.  It's a tiny little shop with a really interesting mix, lots of batiks, repros, Kaffes, and a smattering of modern prints.  I picked up a big stack of old Amy Butlers and two yards each of Wishing Flowers in grey and blue.  I've been looking for this fabric forever and can't believe I got my hands on it!  It's kind of painful paying Canadian prices for this, but that print is so yummy.  They had almost full bolts of each it was hard not to buy more.  No purple, though.

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