Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Loulouthi giveaway

I think I've got a bit of carpal tunnel going on from obsessively reading twitter during quiltmarket.  Or should I say #quiltmarket.  For me one of the big winners coming out of it was Anna Maria's Loulouthi.  And not just because I have a cat named Lulu.  This line is a ridiculously gorgeous explosion of colour and pattern.  And florals.  Big, lush, florals!  It reminds me a lot of early prints, really early prints.  Stuff from the late 1700s early 1800s with their slightly wacky colour schemes and bold patterns.  But updated.  Anyway, it's love.

So Brenda from Just A Bit Frayed and Pink Castle Fabrics is giving away a bundle of five half yard pieces, and I'm going to win, I tell you!  At least I hope I'm going to!  And what would I pick if I did?  It's hard, right?  Well, I've narrowed it to these 5:

But I'm still going to be ordering at least a fat quarter bundle and a bit of yardage of that stellar stylized floral.  I'm thinking of using them for a version of this:

borrowed from Pat Sloan's blog

Want to enter yourself?  Just click on the badge below to head on over to Brenda's blog:



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  1. thanks for the link to this Giveaway. The fabric is gorgeous.
    PS: love the name of your blog!