Monday, June 27, 2011

Prince Charming top done!

Yay, another top done! I was so excited about this line I wanted to jump on a project with it right away.  I forced myself to finish a few other things first, but I've been sewing away on this exclusively the past few days and I'm so happy it's done. I'm still completely obsessed with Prince Charming and can't wait to plan my next project with it!

I don't have a sewing room right now so I thought everyone would get a laugh out of my spralled all over the living room/dining room shot.  Cutting takes case in the kitchen, of course!

And because of my extraordinary math and drafting skills, I'd planned this quilt to have an extra 5 rows of zigs, which would have brought it to 136" long!  They'll be incorporated into the back instead, which should result in a pretty awesome back! But that's tomorrow's project.


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  1. I'm head over heels for Tula Pink Price Charming as well. I've had some stuck in the Canadian post from Hawthorne Threads since June 13th, hopefully I'll get it today!!

    Love your quilt top, can't wait to see it all done up!

  2. Your quilt looks great! I sew on my kitchen table too!

  3. i just luv your quilt ... i so hope you do a tutorial or quilt along on your zig zag quilts!

  4. What a lovely quilt: love the soft colours.
    And I love the pattern. Just like crazy mom's, but with a lovely twist.
    I'm going to copy you! (can I?)