Thursday, September 22, 2011

September fat stash block

Bee's are great.  Not only do they provide honey and polinate all sorts of good stuff, they stretch our quilty skills.  This month's block reallllly stretched my skills.  Not the block so much, it was fun.  Awesome in fact.  Not I've got to make a quilt out of this awesome, but, yay, I get to try out a tute I've been staring at for ages awesome.  The stretch?  The fabric Joelle provided for the center of the hexing around the block scared the crap out of me!  I had nothing that went with it, no car, and no chance of picking up any coordinating fabric.  So Joelle, I hope you're ok with this block.  Feel free to use it on the back of your quilt if you hate it!

In cheerier news, did you hear that Ben and Jerry's now has Schweddy Balls' flavoured ice cream?  This better not be some US only thing, because I want some!  I just love a Schweddy Ball.


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