Friday, December 30, 2011

My first finish!

postage stamp quilt

Here it is, the first quilt I’ve finished on my longarm!  She’s the top I made in PS I Quilt’s postage stamp quilt along, way back in February.  The stats are pretty funny on this one.  I sewed the whole thing up over the course of one weekend.  Then it sat.  And sat and sat.

floral swirl quilting

Then she was quilted in about 5 hours.  Not bad for a 60” x 80”, pretty detailed quilting, too.  It’s based on a tutorial by Judi of Greenfairy Quilts, one of my quilting idols. 

paisley flower quilting

And then the binding took over a week!  Ok, probably only about 10 hours total, but throw in Christmas and a brutal cough and it took a week.

stamp back

Now she’s in the wash recuperating from being dragged around the yard attempting to take photos in a wind storm.  Those folds when I was shooting the front and back?  Not for effect, the wind just wouldn’t let her lay flat!




Thanks so much Holly for the great idea of posting a video on how a longarm machine is used.  I’m so going to get on that in the new year!

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  1. Great finish - your quilting looks amazing!

  2. that looks fantastic! Glad you finally got your postage stamp done. I would love to learn how to longarm too, great idea!

  3. How exciting and what a beautiful first! I am impressed! You are learning from the best - I am a huge fan of Judi's too.

  4. Wow, your first quilt looks fabulous!

  5. Beautiful! I wonder if your peeps in the U.S. will be able to utilize your long arm services (maybe we can bribe customs?). ;)

  6. Oh wow, Chelsea, it looks amazing. I love the quilting design. I don't totally get how long arm quilting works, so I'm utterly amazed at how fast you can finish something like this!

  7. Beautiful quilting! My mum has a mid arm quilting machine and I've only used it for stippling, you're definitely inspiring me to try something a little more adventurous on my next visit.

  8. Totally gorgeous!! Wish I had a longarm :) the quilting is beautiful

  9. pretty quilt! and pretty quilting :)

  10. i am so in love with this chelsea! it is so pretty and i am ubber jealous of your long arm! someday i will have one and be cool like you!

  11. Your first finish on the long arm looks great! You've really picked it up quickly!

    Glad you liked my idea and I look forward to seeing a video of how you quilt.