Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The late baby quilt

Oh, man, I keep trying to come up with a funny post title and this one just makes it sound like the baby is dead!  Anyhoo...

My cousin and his girlfriend had a baby.  The baby was about a week late, the quilt is about a month late.  What are you going to do, right?

So, Leo, I hope you're not reading this.  But since you're all of about 2 weeks old, I doubt you're online yet. Your quilt will be in the mail soon.

I had so much fun quilting this!  I'm not really sure what the pattern is called, shells, headbands?  Anyway, those combined with some swirls and pebbles.

I also added one big swirl that I accented with pebbles.  I also quilted in "eat sleep play" in block letters but couldn't get a decent photo of it.

And there's the back.  I had to laugh when I realized the sock monkeys were wearing toques.  Pretty appropriate since I took the photos out in the snow/hail.  Which just keeps falling!  It's a winter wonderland out there!  I need to take some photos of my hope valley quilt today, so more snowy shots.  Yay!


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  1. Fabulous quilting, as usual! :)

    (And I love this pattern. I think I need to make a baby quilt like this!)

  2. Love it. What a great baby quilt!

  3. So pretty! What a great quilt!

  4. Your quilt and quilting are fantastic! I didn't think the post title made the baby sound dead -- it just made the baby sound tardy. Oh wait, I get it now! No, I still didn't think that at first. :D

  5. So very cute, adore your quilting ideas. But "dead baby"?!? My mind didn't go there at all! I thought you were late in finishing the quilt. Period.

  6. Sweet and funny ... :0)
    Gives a lot of pleasure for the baby when he/she 's growing up !


  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Great quilting - headbands??! You're hilarious!

  8. Lovely - 2 weeks old, the parents will still be looking for all the things they knew they had, and won't notice the things not yet received!!

  9. I love this quilt pattern. I'm sure Leo won't mind a bit!

  10. LOVE it! This is so pretty with the white background.
    ; )

  11. I LOVE this quilt! Did you follow a pattern or is this something you made up on your own? You have such a great eye, the fabrics all look so great together!