Friday, January 27, 2012

Made in Cherry Quilt Along - Sewing the top!

So, we're finally there, time to start sewing our quilt top together!  Woot!

I started by laying all my pieces out on the bed again so I could make sure I was sewing the star points together correctly.

Then start one section at a time and sew the pieced star point segments to the background triangles, like you're making flying geese blocks.  The triangles are cut a bit on the big side so I found it important to sew from the tip of the background triangle out.

Once all your star points are sewn to the background triangles, you'll want to trim the excess off the triangles.  Measure 20½" from the edge of the star point section that will be sewn to the center, out to the long edge of the triangle.  Do this across the whole section, then use your ruler to connect your marked lines, and trim.

Now take 2 of the star point sections that will be opposite each other on the quilt, either the top and bottom or left and right.  Sew the 20½" squares on either end of the star point section.

I'm going to switch to diagrams now since I don't have enough floor space to lay out the pieces for the next steps!

layout courtesy of Jenelle from Echinops & Aster

Take your 2 star point sections without the added squares and sew them on to opposite sides of the quilt.
layout courtesy of Jenelle from Echinops & Aster
Then add your point plus square sections.  And that means you're done!!  Which calls for a gratuitous kitty shot!

Lucy( in front) and Tron enjoying the fire on the dog's bed

Hopefully it's a nice day tomorrow and I can get some shots of my finished top up!  And next week I'll be posting some quilting ideas.

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  1. You did all my work for me already! Thanks! Now all I have to do is follow the diagram to a "T". ;) I can't wait to get sewing.

  2. I love star blocks. This is so pretty. Cute kitties, too.

  3. Excellent! I will get my background on this weekend - it is my one and only goal!!

  4. I just wanted to let you know Ive just joined your quilt along - late i know - but i just found it Friday night!!!! Im so excited!!! Not sure i can catch up but will do my best!

    I can't wait to see everyone else's quilts! its a beautiful pattern.

  5. Looks great! I'm making the smaller version...what are the measurements for cutting the background fabric. Star center sewn, star points sewn, trip to quilt store tomorrow....can't wait to finish! yeah!

  6. I just finally pieced my first background triangle to the outer star pieces. I started sewing at the star tip and went outward, just like you said. I just feel like once I attach that section to the main center square, my background star tip is going to get cut off, because it's a perfect point right now with no room for seam allowance. Should I just continue?

  7. I'm having the same problem as Elena. This is my 2nd time doing this. The first time, I cut the triangle squares incorrectly. I have that right. when I attached the side to the main square, it's not matching up at the point. My triangle pieces don't look like yours- one triangle doesn't overlap the other. I'm not sure how to achieve that. Perhaps I should study how to do the flying geese blcok?