Monday, January 9, 2012

My blogger's choice bundle

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the blogger's choice fat quarter bundle challenge over on Quokka Quilts.  If you haven't, the jist of it is, put together a bundle, link up by the 15th, then cross your fingers.  The winner will get ½ a yard of each of their picks courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop.  Woot!

So, here's my bundle, pretty far outside of my usual comfort zone, but who am I kidding, there's still pink in there!

The fabrics are:

top row:riley blake   sea breeze solid, riley blake pewter solid, free spirit designer solids chartreuse, domestic bliss primary window seat

2nd row: storey boek coral cobblestone stripe, fairy tale friends yellow pin dot, echino-nico black car checks, impressions green plaid

3rd row: echo gray aneta, bespoken citrus stitchery, primativa charcoal falling leaves, taza yellow tarika

final row: heirloom jade marbled stripe, palladium yellow whiston dot, robot factory orange robot connections, get together sea bears in line

I'm not sure what I'd make with these, but I do love the combo.  And speaking of that, here's a few combos others have put together that I think are pretty awesome, too.

clockwise from top left: Echinops & AsterFinding FifthFlying Blind on a Rocket Cycle, Where the Orchids Grow

happy monday,

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  1. oooohhh. What great bundles! Good luck!

  2. Oh thank you for picking my selection - I hope that bodes well :)
    I love that yellow Whiston dot you picked too. Good luck x

  3. Great choices Chelsea! And thanks for sharing my selection. :) I love that bear fabric (with the robots too, genius!). Your bundle would make a really fun quilt.