Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Faves - 03.02.12

image via poppyprint

 I love this armrest pin cushion and organizer that Krista made from Amy's pattern.  I tend to just jam my hand sewing needles into the arm of my chair, which means they often get jammed into my arm.  I need to make one of these.  Because...

I've started making English paper pieced rose star blocks in Summerfete's block party.  I love these blocks, I love english paper piecing, I love watching movies and doing english paper piecing!

image via Dana at Made
And finally, this one's a little old, but did you know you can dye elastic?  I want to try!

happy weekend,

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  1. good faves. i still haven't learned how to english paper piece. someday!

  2. Oh my gosh, you made my project a fav. You're so sweet!!!! Thanks Chelsea! Go ahead and make yourself one - they're a great quick project.

  3. look forward to seeing your rose star blocks, its addictive! Had no idea one could dye elastic will have to check out that.

  4. Ooh jolly good!
    I love the watching tv and stitching too!