Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Made in Cherry Quilt Along - quilting ideas

Baptist fan has got to be one of my favorite traditional quilting patterns.  For a pattern that's been around for hundreds of years it's got a great modern vibe.  It's really easy to stitch, a pinch to mark, and doesn't require any math - look at antique quilts using it and you'll see that the makers just let the design flow over the sides of the quilt rather than fit it perfectly.  So, today the sketch, tomorrow I'll come back with a tutorial on how to easily tackle this design with your walking foot.


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  1. You can do that with a walking foot? Oh I am all for learning that one.

  2. I can only dream of being able to do something like that!!

  3. oh man! i can't wait! oh and hey... I FOUND MY CAMERA!!!! YAYAYAY~~~

  4. Def. want to see that done with a walking foot! I've seen it done beautifully by my friend JoAnn (no blog) with FMQing, but not sure I have the control for nice, even arcs. I love this pattern, too. Especially the way Gees Bend quilters do it very randomly.