Friday, June 29, 2012

friday faves 29-06-12

First off, wow!  Thanks so much to everyone who has entered the giveaway and to everyone who's stopped to read the blog a bit and maybe continue doing so.  You rock!  I'm super behind with everything right now but I hope to get the time to say hi back to everyone sometime in the next...oh, week!  And I'm discovering so many new blogs, which is awesome!

We've had so much rain this week that taking pics has been impossible.  From the light levels you'd think it was November!  So, instead of shots of stuff I'm doing, I thought I'd show some stuff I'm loving instead.


Erin McMorris's Poppies and Posies from My EQ Boutique

Did you know that Erin McMorris designs applique patterns for EQ?  Me neither!  But I love these Poppies and Posies and am itching to try out some applique because of them.  You don't need to own the software to get the patterns, which is great because I don't.  Ok, I do.  I own EQ2 but have no idea where it is and it probably couldn't run on this computer even if I could figure out how to install it.  I think it was on floppy!

Michelle Yeo's Abeville County quilt pattern

I'm also obsessing over Michelle Yeo's patterns lately.  What is with the Australians being so talented?  Michelle's patterns are based on antique quilts and are definitely not easy.  But can you imagine her Abbeville County design done in bright, modern fabrics?  Sure it would be challenging, but the result would be spectacular.

the bottom line thread from Superior Threads
I've been working away in the evening on my Hexy MF quilt and decided to try a new thread for my paper piecing.  Have you ever tried Superior Threads' The Bottom Line?  It's a crazy thin polyester thread - 60 weight I think - that I originally bought to try out on the longarm.  I'm loving it for my paper piecing!  It doesn't tangle and it's so fine that the stitches completely disappear.  I tend to paper piece pretty quickly (I can get 3 hexie flowers done in a one hour tv show if the show's not too interesting and the dog isn't too in the way) so my stitches aren't that tiny (unlike Heather's, hers are the tiniest stitches I've ever seen!).  It's a little slippery but you get used to it. 

And speaking of thread, I hope to get back to thread reviews next week.  I haven't been doing much block piecing lately and it's easiest to figure out the amount of thread used when you're sewing blocks.

Have a great long weekend everyone, happy Canada Day and 4th of July,

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  1. I use Bottom Line almost exclusively in my bobbin--LOVE it. And I'm with you on the Australian talent thing. Totally. That Abbeville Co quilt is gorgeous,

  2. Hmm, maybe I don't need to make them so tiny?? I never know! I'm always nervous that they're going to come out if I don't do lots of teeny tiny stitches. Maybe that's why they take me so long!

  3. Ooh, those funky flowers are cool!

  4. I love those applique patterns! I'd be fun to make the applique portion and add some embroidery over the top. :)

  5. I've heard GREAT things about Superior Threads, but I haven't tried it. Exciting stuff :-)