Friday, July 13, 2012

thread review - aurifil

Welcome to the Aurifil edition of my Thread Review series!  Aurifil on the orange spools is a 50 weight thread retailing for around $9.00 US for 1,422 yards.  Aurifil 50 weight is a general purpose thread, ideal for hand stitching as well as machine work.  We've all seen how hyped it's been lately, but does it live up to the raves?

Not much, right?  And because Aurifil in very fine, you can wind a lot on one bobbin.  So much, in fact, that I always end up checking my bobbin a couple of times before I run out, thinking it must be just about through by now!

Oh, baby!  That is flat.  That's 8 seams meeting there and they look like they spend their life in the gym.  If I'm starting to sound a bit like an Aurifil fan girl at this point, I am.  I love flat seams and this is the thread that gives them.

I'm testing a pattern right now for Jennifer of that girl that quilt.  I thought the 29 blocks I had left would take up one bobbin.  I was wrong though, way wrong.  I finished those blocks, sewed them into coloums, and sewed 1/3 of the columns together!  All told that was approximately 2091" of sewing from one bobbin, 500" more than with the nearest competitor, Masterpiece.

So to summarize:

Price: $9.00 / 1422 yd spool or $0.006 per yard. A on price.
Lint: barely any, the best performance so far.  A+ on lint
The flat factor:  Amazingballs.  I'd marry it based on this alone.  A+

Overall?  A+ I don't always buy the hype on things.  This one I do.

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  1. Good to hear Aurifil stands up to all the great reviews I've been hearing about it! I've got some that I've been looking forward to trying out.

  2. I really enjoy using Aurifil, too. Excellent review! Thanks.

  3. I love using Aurifil. I feel I have less tension problems. I love the flatness also!

  4. I love Aurifil thread, especially the 50 weight for piecing. I don't use any other threads other than Aurifil for piecing. You can also buy them in cones. I go through at least 3 cones a year.

  5. Love this. . so I've been waiting for you to review this one as it's what I use. I'm so super impressed that I don't have to look any further. Thanks for the awesome review! ♥

  6. I love piecing with Aurifil 50, and it's nice to know of a really great Canadian source -- Tristan threads, where 50 wts are on sale for $5 each (and there's even a grab bag of piecing neutrals, 6 spools for $26!). I also adore the 28 wt for hand quilting :)

  7. Great review, have never tried aurifil wondered whether it was hype. Good to hear it is not.

  8. Yay for joining the Aurifil gang x

  9. I use Aurifil to quilt my tops. Love, love it! I'm going to have to try it for piecing. Thanks for the review.

  10. I use Aurifil for all of my piecing. Their wool is great too for hand quilting in "big stitch" style, and even on the machine for some great decorative effects.

  11. I love the thread also, and I try to explain to someone how nice it is to use and they look like they don't believe it can be that good!

  12. I'm so happy people are discovering the thread that has been my favourite for 5 years! I used Mettler or Gutermann before I discovered it, and there is NO FREAKING WAY IN HECK that I'd ever go back. Also, it's sold at my LQS. Almost shocking.....

  13. i totally agree! i LOVE this stuff!

  14. Have you tried Presencia 60/3? It's strong, has little lint in my machine, the seams are flat and the price is good.

  15. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your thread review series! I'm a relatively new quilter and am experimenting with different threads, but your reviews with such great photos gives me a better idea of what I'm working with. I hadn't really considered the flatness factor! I'd love to see a review of Gutermann; I know a lot of quilters piece with it due to the price & the wide availability.

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