Thursday, September 6, 2012

have you voted yet?

Festival of Hexies 

Well, aren't I a little late to the game! The hubs took a week off and I feel like the last couple of days I've done nothing but clean and recuperate!  To the point where I haven't even mentioned that my hexy baby quilt made it to the finals of Ali's Festival of Hexagons.  Woohoo!  Now in the tradition of the Emmys, etc, I'm going to say that it's an honour to be nominated.  And in the other tradition of greedy little buggers everywhere, I'm also going to say that dude, I want to win!  There's a $100 gc on the line!  So if you haven't voted, I'd love it if you would, and if even better, you cast that vote for my little project!

Come on, show this little beauty some love!


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  1. i totally voted for you~~! you deserve to win this one my dear friend! xo

    1. p.s. i keep staring at this quilt! i totally love it and i really really love your quilting! it is so pretty!

      recuperating... sure, i get it! ;)

  2. Well since you asked so nicely...... heck yeah I'm voting for you! I just love that quilt, your maching quilting puts it over the top (I wish the photo they featured on the voting page showed the quilting more). Crossing my fingers for you.

    P.S. How was the meeting last night?

  3. I voted! This quilt is really lovely. Your imaginative quilting really makes it.

  4. You so got my vote! I really love this quilt. :)