Thursday, October 11, 2012

blue, white, and stumped

I have 2 major projects on the go right now, both of which I'm a little stumped on.  The first is a craft fair coming up on the 24th of November.  The second, and the one closer to my hear, is a quilt for my Baba (my maternal gran).

It's bizarre how difficult I'm finding coming up with a pattern!  I have some basic parameters and a definite idea of her style but marrying it to a quilt pattern is hard.  She wants something blue and white, something classic and not too busy.  Baba's decorating style is quite streamlined, lots of mid century pieces in natural tones, lots of books, lots of art.

So far I'm really drawn to this orange peel pattern from Denyse Schmidt.

It's graphic but traditional.  The white areas will give me a lot of range for quilting. The circles remind me a series of prints she's bought recently from a Native west coast artist. And it will definitely be a challenge since I haven't done a lot of applique.

But then I'm also drawn to the simplicity of something made from hsts.  I think this would be stunning, especially using blues all across the value scale.

I know Baba will love whatever I make her.  I just have to get it right for myself, you know?


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  1. loving the second quilt, but i'm a sucker for hsts too. :) where did you find the pattern?

  2. Both of these are stunning patterns! Good luck with your decision!

  3. Both gorgeous choices! But you're right - your grandmother will love whichever you choose!

  4. I love both ideas, for what it's worth x

  5. Both are great patterns and I love to read about your design process. Very sweet how much thought you spend on getting it right for both of you.

  6. Yes, they are both great choices. I've been liking that Ocean Waves quilt myself. Good luck deciding!

  7. Go with the orange peel, love it! I have a collection of pinks/blues/whites I've been trying to decide on a pattern for... I think you may have just solved my problem!