Tuesday, November 27, 2012

turning cartwheels

Photobucket Thanks so much to everyone for letting me vent yesterday and for being so supportive!  To celebrate my freedom from sewing for the fair, today I did some sewing that was just for me.  Ok, not really.  It was for do.good.stitches.  But the motivation was entirely selfish, I promise.

green blue grey starburst cartwheel block

 Have you made any of these cartwheel blocks from Freshly Pieced?  I'm not a huge paper piecing fan, but these were beyond fun.  Fast and impactful, now that's great piecing in my book.  So fun I made up that little gif animation.  I don't think Pixar's going to be calling me anytime soon, but I've been wanting to try it out forever!

red aqua blue cartwheel starburst block patchwork

 I've had a ton of suggestions to put some of my craft fair leftovers on etsy, so I'm going to make the plunge back into online selling and give it a go.  I just need a little bit of sun so I can take some more pics!  Again, thanks so much for the encouragement!

I'm also working on a little tutorial on using quilt as you go techniques for the 241 tote, and Anna from Noodlehead, awesome girl that she is, has offered a pattern for a giveaway!  I should have that up later this week, so check back!

yay for pretty tea towels!

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  1. Aren't you clever, with your gif file!!

    Good luck with etsy. Do you already have a shop?

  2. Yes, Yah! for pretty tea towels--I love the color and simplicity of them! I wish I thought up things like that!! I'd like to see the cartwheel blocks together--I wonder how they would behave ;O)

  3. fab blocks (and I am most impressed with your tech skills!)

  4. Your animated blocks are very impressive! Lovely blocks and cute tea towels!

  5. Love your cartwheel blocks!

  6. The blocks look fab, although apparently Chrome doesn't want me to be animated, oh well!

  7. look at that picture! i will say it again! i wish i was as awesome as you are!!!