Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hexie love

Lynn's fab quilt

When Lynne published her gorgeous hexie quilt yesterday here and with the recipe over on the Moda Bake Shop it was love at 1st sight.  I knew I had to make it, and just what fabric to use - the Anna Maria Horner voiles I'd been drooling over forever but couldn't justify without a plan.

yummy, yummy AMH voiles
 The pattern looked a little difficult though, with all those 60° angles and so many points to match.  I decided a mini version might be in order before tackling a king size.  Good thinking Chelsea!  So I busted the pattern down to half size and started cutting.  And sewing.  And a little un-sewing (aka seam ripping) then some sewing again.

So what do you think?  Pretty cute, right?  And I didn't do it intentionally but it's the same size as our placemats and uses some of the same fabrics.  So it's going in with the placemats because I'm just not into the idea of mini quilts.

I'm so glad I went to the effort of doing the trial I've got to say.  While I love, love, love Lynn's quilt I realized with this that I don't have the patience for all the point matching and angles that a king sized quilt would involve.  And I also realized that this looks great in Sherbet Pips, the fabric Lynn chose, but wasn't going to look so good in my chosen fabric.

See those blocks?  The seam down the middle of the hexie looks fine on the low contrast small scale print, not so much on the bolder Amy Butler print.  Of course the fabrics I wanted to use for this are larger scale, and pictorial or directional.  The Sherbet Pips line works so well because the prints are either subtle and small scale or for the pictoral prints widely spaced.  The hexagons look like they're solid not pieced, which makes the pattern much more effective.

I'm still in love with this pattern and may attempt it at some point.  I'd love it in solids!  But for now I'll be holding off, waiting for other people to tackle it so I can get inspired.

And if you've made it this far in the post, wow, congrats!  Head on over to Lynn's blog and you can win a Sherbet Pips layer cake!


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  1. Hi Chelsea! Just found your lovely blog via Flickr and thought I'd say hello from Australia! I too have a little stash of AMH voiles, and am saving them for 'just the right' project. I too fell in love with Hexagon Park. I really appreciated your comments about the pattern and your analysis that big, directional prints may not look so good. You have saved me some heartache! Your comments make a lot of sense. Best wishes, Ros x
    PS I'll be back to your blog - it's great!