Monday, February 14, 2011

Single girl quilt along day one

Typical with everything I do, I've started my single girl quilt.  Sort of.  The thing is my fabric hasn't arrived yet.  So I've cut a few pieces from my stash but I need to wait, patiently or impatiently for the bulk of my fabric to arrive.  Which really sucks!  Especially because today would have been the perfect day to get all that cutting done.  The dog's at the vet with tummy trouble and the house doesn't need cleaning.  It's been one of those days so free and clear that I've actually felt a little paralyzed.  What do you do when there's nothing you need to do but you can't do the thing you want to do?  Aaaaargh!

I wanted to get started on Sunday but hadn't picked up any template plastic yet.  Deli lids anyone?  This actually works pretty well, but since I only had one clear lid, it obviously wasn't the solution.  So today I bought plastic and cut out all my templates.  If you look closely at my templates you'll notice some of them have weird notes.  I realized that they could easily be flipped and the pieces cut incorrectly.  So for letters that read the same flipped I wrote a little nemonic note.  M (ehm), A (eh), X (sex).  Labelling the pieces with a paper label or just a piece of tape would have solved the right side/wrong side issue, too.  But I didn't think of that until I was done.

Katy from I'm a ginger monkey has the official post about cutting these, but I figured I'd share my insights.  Number one: save fabric!  Oh, sure, it's probably smarter to follow some sort of grain lines, but I'm butting my pieces up against each other.

Number 2: right side up.  See what I did in the photo above?  Don't do that!  Half of my pieces came out flipped and useless.  It's great to cut multiple layers at once.  Just make sure all the layers are right side up!  Oh, and hopefully your mani looks better than mine!

So, yup, that's me for now.  4 stacks down, 26 to go.  Come on Canada Post!

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