Tuesday, February 8, 2011


With spring somewhere around the corner and sunshine streaming through the windows I'm starting to feel a change. It may have snowed 10 inches the other day, but I'm feeling a little prickle, a little squirm that tells me that green, yellow, pink, red, violet, they're all coming, and I better get ready. The signs are all there - a packet of seeds arriving in the mail, the basement stored bulbs suddenly blooming (whoops!). It won't really be spring until late April, even then we can get snow and frost through until early June. But I'm realizing I need to start ordering seeds, planning the veg patch, thinking of baring my legs again!

One of the biggest clues could be that today was the launch of Katie Daisy's new blog. I've been in love with Katie's work for a couple of years now, possibly because it always seems to be summer and spring in Katie's world. I don't know why I've never bought a piece, what is the matter with me? In the middle of a bleak, rainy November day or when the snow has turned to compact sheets of ice and you really, really don't want to leave the house, just looking at one of her prints is better than any other pick me up I can think of.

Now to anyone reading this, I just have one request. Please go visit Katie's blog and bombard her with requests for a fabric line! Wouldn't you just love to slice in to some gloriously smooth lawn or a slightly nubby linen blend in her patterns? If you know anyone in the fabric world, pester them, too. This girl needs a fabric line!!

Until then there is her spoonflower offering, which I've also been meaning to pick up for a while. And a drool worthy gallery of potential spoonflower prints.

Please, Katie, pretty please?


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  1. Oh my gosh! You're absolutely right! I want fabric in all of her patterns! Thank you for the spoonflower link!

    {i love your blog!}