Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well, hello!

Please excuse me but I've just had my butt handed to me. The flu landed in our house and left me shaking like a newborn kitten and moaning like a bad drunk.. Friday I was awake all of 7 hours (and not at one stretch). Saturday I sat in bed and moaned. Saturday night I kept waking up because everything ached. My bones. My muscles. My skin. Have you ever woken up because the sheets hurt your skin? Not pleasant. So I haven't been getting much sewing done.

I have done a little online shopping, though. Yup, if I'm conscious enough to fumble away at my ipod, I will buy stuff. It turns out Kerri from Sew Deerly Loved is dealing with a bundle of sick kiddos, so I'm not sure how much she'll appreciate my order of 20 fat quarters. Can you imagine 6 sick kids? I'm going into panic mode just thinking about it! But I needed to get organized for my single girl quilt, and those 20 fat quarters sure will work. The called for 36 fat quarters seems a little nuts, but I'll deal. Those 20 will be supplemented with fabrics from my stash and probably some I pick up on our trip to Seattle on the 25th. I know, I know. Cutting starts on the 14th. Tough! Now, before I pass out, a pic of the fabrics I picked up, plus a few from the stash I know I'll be using:

I still need to order the backing fabric, which I think will be essex linen in natural. And add some more oranges and pinks, which is easy since I have so many.

love and sneezes,


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  1. We were stuck inside because of a snow storm, so I have been internet shopping too. Have fun in Seattle, we are moving there soon!

  2. Oh I'm jealous! I love Seattle! And it means you'll have to stock up on laminates and learn to sew raincoats. New fabric = always good!