Saturday, February 19, 2011


So the fabric that I thought I was picking up at the post office yesterday turned out to be my passport.  I'm glad it came since we're heading to Seattle next week and I'd be sol without it, but I want my fabric!

Since I can't work on my single girl today and I'm absolutely sick of my wonky nine patch I thought I'd draft out a new pattern.  Not that it's new to the quilting world or anything, just a new project I want to do.

Yup, a zig zag.  Inspired by crazy mom quilts' tutorial here.  I don't even know if those are the colours I'll use, if I'll use prints or solids.  I just wanted to get it planned out in photoshop so I could figure out the size and fabric requirements.  Will I actually make this one?  Maybe.  I tend to plan lots of quilts out in photoshop and never make them.  I like that I can always refer back to them, though.

happy saturday,

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