Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's go, Single Girl!

Yes, the fabric finally arrived, a big bundle of fat quarters from Sew Deerly Loved!  And after about 3 hours it was all cut.  Woohoo!  The cutting really is the most boring part of this whole thing.  Thankfully I have a tv in the kitchen.  Although that could also account for a few of the cutting mistakes I made! 

Actually, maybe picking out the fabric order is the hardest part.  That red with white and black flowers kept getting moved around and around until I finally just pulled it altogether.  I eventually want to do a red and aqua quilt, so no big.

The first of the arcs are done.  All 20.  Yup, king sized.  I'm hemming and hawing about hand quilting this one using perle cotton and big stitches.  I just love all the examples that I've seen.  Any hand quilting I've done in the past I've been so obsessed about tiny, tiny (like 16 per inch) stitches that this could be a nice departure.  And faster!  Anyway, 60 more arcs to sew.  I doubt I'll get them done this week as we're heading to Seattle for a bit.

And despite the whining, I'm actually thinking of making another one of these!  I've been seeing so many gorgeous colour schemes and started rethinking my own choices.  I'm particularly drawn to the combo of grey, navy, aqua, and chartreuse.  Yum.

ciao bellas,

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