Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Plans, schemes, and ... um, thesaurus?

So, now that my postage stamp quilt along top is done, the question is what to do with it? I'm not really a throw quilt kind of gal. We have a few around, mostly quilts Jamie's grandfather made for him, and they're mostly used by the cats.

the top now

When it's cold I'm usually wearing long underwear so snuggling under a quilt isn't that necessary. And when it's really cold I just get into bed! So. This 60" x 80" top needs to be rigged into a bed quilt. Did I mention we have a king size? I so need a megaquilter!!!

the plan

So this is what I'm thinking for the top. I've added 2 more columns of the postage stamp blocks to bring it up to 80 by 80, a 2" white border all around, then a 10" border of the scarf print. In real life it won't look as craptastic as the photoshop version, I promise!!! Thank goodness I have until April, there's way too much of this line that I need yardage of.

adios yo,

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  1. I saw your pics in the quilt along pool. I love how your borders look. It doesn't at all look like "just slap a border on it to make it bigger". :)

    And I'm totally in love with this line. I haven't gotten any yet, but hopefully when the precuts are readily available I can snag some. Love how you are going to use the scarf print!

  2. fabulous idea! i love that scarf print and it is perfect for your border!