Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage flower garden

Hey there!  Sorry I haven't been around much.  I've been feeling a little blah about starting anything new after finishing my single girl top.  And the husband just got a new job.  In a new town.  So we're moving.  I'm super excited, but this will be the 3rd move in 3 years.  And I'll miss our beautiful house, which looks extra nice right now because we've been tidying and styling for the listing photos.

I'm also going through all my books, my fabric, my old projects, trying to purge.  It's hard, especially with the old quilt tops that I'm no longer in love with but that will make great practice pieces once I get my longarm.  It will be pricey to move them, cheaper to just buy cheap sheets or poly to practice on, but, justifying here, doesn't it make more sense to practice on actual quilts, which is what I'll be quilting.

Anyway.  I wanted to show an incomplete top I won't be getting rid of.  My mum started this before I was born!  It's full of beautiful Liberty and Laura Ashley fabrics, and lots of memories.  I've added a few flowers, some I wish I could remove, and started sewing them together in high school.  Maybe I'll finish it some day!

To all you modern selvedge users, check out my mum.  She was using selvedge in the early 70s!  Yup, I'm that old!

And personally I love her hexie technique.  No basting, just tape the edges down.  I wonder which is better environment wise, tape or thread?  But at leas the papers are all recycled - those are the flash cards I learned to read and do my sums with!  Almost as much as an heirloom as the quilt I'd say.

Rock on rock soldiers,

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  1. Wow, I have one of these too. My late grandmother and my mum started 2 grandmothers garden quilts, one each for my sister and I, over 20 years ago. Now both my sister and I have babies of our own and are learning to hand piece in the hope of helping mum to finish the quilts she and grandma started all those years ago. Isn't it beautiful how the stitching passes down through the generations.

  2. Wow that's awesome. I have some quilts my great grandmother started (well my mom has them) and none of them are grandmother's garden quilt... (I am starting that one for my grandchildren and children to finish). So pretty! I love yours so much!