Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Working girl

Finally! I've finished sewing all my arcs.  Twenty blocks doesn't sound like a lot, and it didn't feel like that many until it came to the curved seems.  But they're done and I've started on sewing the quadrants together.  Woot!

I sort of had the quads all over the place as I was finishing them up, and it made me realize you can make some pretty awesome alternate layouts with these quads.  Exhitbit A:  the snakey layout.  Original name, I know, but isn't that a fun layout?  And I can just see it with some gorgeous feathered plumes meandering between the snakes.

Exhibit B:  Mod thingies.  I'm sure this sort of pattern has an official name, but... yeah, thingies.  I'm so going to make this one!  I was planning on doing another single girl in greys, navy, baby blue, and chartreuse, but now I'm going to do the same colour scheme but this layout.  Love it, and it needs less of the arcs!

Thanks again to everyone who's been entering the giveaway.  Good luck!  And stay tuned - next month there'll be one involving horseys.

Ciao bellas,

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  1. loving all your alternative layouts!

  2. These different layouts are brilliant!!! Thank you for sharing, and have fun making your mind up. I just love your fabric selection, too...
    ; )

  3. Goodness me that looks like an enormous amount of effort! Great quilts...a lovely blog.