Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hope Valley top done!

Boo yeah!  I am so happy to have this finished!  I really love the whole design process, the cutting of the fabric, the completion of the first blocks.  I don't so much love finishing things.  And, yeah, I know it's not finished until it's quilted, but for me, getting to a finished top is pretty impressive.  So, without further ado, some Hope Valley porn.

 And because it's not a quilt shot, without a cat, here's Tron looking sassy.  Rowwr!

I've entered this top in Clover & Violet's Stash Project of the Month.  If you buy the fabric for one project then abandon that one and start something new months later, it's stash, right?  Right!

rock on,

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  1. One word: GORGEOUS!!! I will have to try this pattern, I love it!