Monday, June 20, 2011

May bee block

Oh, I am so behind on this! I just could not come up with an idea, and I'm still not that happy with what I produced.  I guess I'm just not as good at thinking creatively as I thought I was.  Boo.

Anyway, the challenge was to use the large plaid print for a picnic themed block.  Does mine fit the bill?  I hope so!  Originally I'd thought to add an applique ant but couldn't find any black solid other than a nasty poly.  So no ants at this picnic, sorry!  As soon as the postal strike is over, I'll get this in the mail, though.

As far as the block design goes, this was the first time in years that I'd done something with half square triangles and I tried the sew big and trim down technique for the first time.  Man do I hate that technique!  All the stupid trimming.  Blah!  So not for me.  Props to everyone out there who does lots of hst work.  Yup, I'm talking to you Rita and Jeni!

And just because, here's a shot of the cedar waxwings wreaking havoc in our cherry tree.  I don't mind so much that they eat the fruit, but the little buggers are loud and don't stop squawking until about 11!

ciao bellas,

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  1. I agree -- I don't like trimming hsts! Plus, my trimmed and untrimmed results seem to come out about the same... :D

  2. i love my block & can't wait for the post!