Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My lucky day!

Have you been following the Block Party blog tour?  Well I have, and, I won a copy!  And that's not the only thing I won today!  (More about the 2nd later, and yes, I will be buying a lottery ticket today.)  I have been obsessing over this book since the first time I saw hints of it and am so stoked to be getting a copy!

I think the first project I'll tackle is this quilt:

Made using this colourway:

BUT I have a problem.  I didn't read the rules on the Connecting Threads blog when I entered and their giveaway was for Americans only.  So..... anyone from the US want to help a girl out?  I'd love to find a volunteer, someone that could have the book shipped to them then I'd paypal them the money to ship it to me.  You could even keep it for a few weeks to read it yourself.  Any volunteers???

Oh, and I just remembered something else that was really lucky about today.  I was out for a hike with the dog when I thought we stumbled across a grizzly!  Turned out it was a cow, which should have been a dead giveaway since it was with about 12 other cows.  So, Bea and I, and those cows, are awfully lucky it wasn't a bear!


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  1. yea, you!! if you don't have anyone yet, i'll help you out. you have my address through the bee.

  2. Lucky you, congratulations! We were thinking of camping in North Bay this year but I hear the bear population is out of control so I nixed that idea!

  3. Congrats on winning that book! Yes, I it so awesome. How brave of you to take the dresdens first. I am afraid of sewing curves like that. And how lucky you didn't see a bear! We don't have to worry about those down here in Texas, although the cows have been known to go crazy and start painting billboards (Chik-fil-a ads) occasionally. haha Thanks for linking up at my blog today!

  4. I followed the blog tour for this book, first time I commented in so many places all for the same thing! Congrats on winning! I was bummed out when I saw a few that weren't open to Canada. Sounds like you have found someone to mail it to you though, thankfully.
    I have just spent some time looking through the first page of your blog... and I'm about to spend some more time looking for more goodies - lots of nice quilt tops over here! :)