Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm back , now with bees

my 4 by 5 bee blocks!
Oh, man, did that move take it out of me!  We finally got into our new house on the 3rd of September, and since then I've been working like a crazy woman trying to get things habitable (with the occasional time out to bake cookies and sew).  I'm thinking I may have overcommited myself a tad in terms of bees..... fat stash, 3 x 6, 4 x 5, travelling circles, embroidery.  Gulp.  Anyway, I made a little headway while I was staying in Victoria, but with a sewing space that was literally a side table, it wasn't as much as I'd like.

first of my 3 by 6 bee blocks
The good news, though?  All my 4 x 5s are done.  So put a line through that one on the list!  And I started my 3 x 6 blocks yesterday and have 2 done!  Woot!  Hopefully I'll get a bunch of these mofos in the mail this weekend.



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