Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July bee block

I can't believe I got this done!  I guess I just needed a break from packing and move craziness.  Craziness such as the seller calling me to complain about his wife being a psycho and calling the cops on him so he couldn't move his stuff out of the house.  Eeek!  I just want to imagine that no one lived in the house before us, so please mister, don't call me.

Anyway, Sharon's fabric arrived today and I finished her block today as well.  Yeah, I'm shocked, too.  And it was fun even though the theme of a manly cowboyish block scared the pants off me.  But I pulled on my sewing pants and got on with it.

I also figured after talking with Mr Psycho, who informed me he owned guns, by the way (not very common among the urban Canadians I'm used to), that I needed some retail therapy.  And not just contact lens solution and coffee beans from costco.  Real retail therapy.  Quilt store variety.  As I mentioned before my LQS is pretty country, but I did manage to get some Sugarpop and Central Park.  And some Aurifil, my fave thread ever.  My partners in the four by five have requested aqua, apple green, and iris.  A little hard to come by when your LQS skews country, so I'm hoping these additions to my stash will help.

This will probably be the last post for a while.  We move out on the 28th, then I'll be bunking at my parents for a month.  Hopefully I'll get some sewing done while I'm there and can post a bit!


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