Friday, October 7, 2011

Are you there Shar? It's me, Chelsea.

If you were quilting in the 90s, you probably saw at least one episode of Quilting with Shar.  I don't know if it was the nasal voice or the constant pimping, but I bought one of her template sets way back when.  The 2x wedding ring, in fact, and I'm finally doing some stitching on that beast.  As much as Shar drove me crazy, the templates are pretty good.  But the instructions?  A wonderful combination of confusing, bitchy, and insufficient.  Yay!  Good thing there are some decent instructions out there, like these from Kaelin.  Oh, yeah, what I meant to say is: look, I've made some progress on the 2x wedding.

Ok, enough griping. 

I got an awesome block in the mail today.  Thanks Stitch n' Bits! 

Happy thanksgiving, eh!

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  1. chelsea... i have the green diamond fabric with white flowers and black dots at the bottom of the top picture in PINK! if you want some for your quilt i would gladly send some to you.