Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Work in Progress

I've been in love with Lee's Work in Progress Wednesdays for a while now but have never got off my butt to add to it.  So, today, finally, my WIP Wednesday:

New projects:

I'm in love, complete and utter love with these blocks.  Ok, I hate HSTs (and all of you Canadians who're dealing with the HST tax know this has a double hate on).  But, these are gorgeous.  And even though it's almost a cliche now, I've gone with an aqua grey and red palette.  Because it's pretty, dammit.

Double Wedding Ring
I started this in the 90s, people.  The 90s!!!!!  Yes, I was 2.  I got it cut, then got on with life.  Apparently I needed some 30s in my life again, because I dug it out the other day.  It's all cut, just (just!) needs sewing.  I think the fabric is all Marcus Brothers, and boy did they use some sizing back then, because these stink!

Still Needing Quilting:
single girl
loulouthi tiles
prince charming zig zag


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  1. sooo pretty! love those swoon blocks!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the swoon! Gorgeous! I am glad you are linked to WIP Wed. You just HAVE to share this amazingness more often. ;)

  3. Oh how I love the Swoon pattern. If I start another project I'm going to burst. And I love the aqua, grey and red combo so I'm just going to drool over your quilt!!!