Friday, October 14, 2011

Finish it up Friday

Have you seen the linky party over on Crazy Mom Quilts?  It's finish it up Friday, and as the name suggests, every Friday Amanda Jean will post about a finished project and have others link up.  So, in order not to be late to the party (damn you stupid blonde bimbo from Atlanta, now your horrid song is in my head) I went and finished something.

Ok, yeah, it's the size of a potholder.  But it's done.  Yup, give me something 8 1/2" square and I can finish it in about a year.  Whatevs. 

This is basically just some freemotion practice that I decided would look pretty decent on the wall of my new sewing room.  Which segues nicely into ...

My new sewing room!!  I had been sewing in the garage since we moved in (so, a month or so) but I decided the garage wasn't big enough and moved to a smaller room upstairs.  I'll explain that later.  But for now, sewing room.  More stuff needs to be moved in and I need a few things on the walls.  Oh, and I need to buy a sewing table (husband took my old one for his record player).  But the lack of a sewing table is more than made up for by something I bet no one else has in their sewing room...

Yup, a toilet a sink.  Boo-yah!  All I need is a kettle and a beer fridge and I never need to leave the room!!

I don't know what the hell the previous owners were thinking renovating half of a bedroom into a half assed bathroom.  Best part, the electrical outlet is in the area plumbed for a shower.  Have I mentioned that I live in an area where building codes didn't apply until this September?  Yeah, there's some dodge stuff going on around here.

If you've gotten this far and if you were reading closely, you'll realize I said something dumb about the garage being too small as a sewing room.  Well, that's because, I did it, I ordered my longarm!  Woot!  She'll be coming around the beginning of December and I am so psyched!


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  1. Love your FMQing -- wish I could do that. And congratulations on the new sewing room and longarm.

  2. Wow, gratz on ordering your longarm! Your fmq square is beautiful. Boo-yah! :D:D

  3. i think you are officially my new favorite blogger. this post totally cracked me up! love that fmqing and i am green with jealousy over your long arm! oh what i would do for a long arm... and to have a sink and a toilet... oh my!

  4. Gorgeous quilting & congrats on your new toy!

  5. Your quilting is beautiful. The bathroom is an interesting touch :) Way to go on ordering a long arm.

  6. Love the quilting! I can't wait to see what you create with a longarm!

  7. Too funny! Love this post! Congrats on the longarm (I'm green with envy!) and the new sewing room complete with half-assed bathroom. LoL I would love to come and quilt with you for a day...

    Beautiful quilting on your little mini. Love it!

  8. yay for the long arm comin'!

    that quilting you did is GORGEOUS! i'm lovin' it!

    (don't know why i'm using so many apostrophies today?!?!!)

    thanks for linking up to finish it up friday! :)