Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Sewing

This was such a great weekend of hanging around the house, getting lots done.  We did some gardening, resulting in what I like to call the Christmas Massacre.  Jamie and I pulled out about 100 evergreen saplings, all in a strip measuring about 1' by 5".  I'm not a big fan of pulling out trees, but these were all really close to the house and so crowded that none of them were ever going to make it.  I was filthy and sore, but it smelled like Christmas!

So, some work happened on the 2x wedding ring.  I'm shocked how much I'm loving working on this.  I'm sick of the palette, but it's such a challenging/rewarding pattern that comes together really quickly, so the reward is pretty great on this one.

And another Swoon block!  I think I've picked the fabrics for all of these, but I have some yardage from Ruby coming from Pink Castle Fabrics so that may change things a bit.  I'm really hoping I can get all the blocks done by the end of the month.  We'll see.

And I'm making headway on my embroidery bee blocks.  These have to be done by the end of the month!  Stitch, stitch, stitch!

adios yo,

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  1. Love the work on your double wedding ring! I just finished my arcs and I'm sick of my color palate too. Glad the work is still rewarding when you start putting it together!

  2. Love the look of that swoon block! And the double wedding ring is going to be lovely, a real treasure!

  3. The colors you chose for that swoon block are great.

  4. i laughed and laughed at your christmas massacre! you had the blood of thousand trees on your hands! ;) ha ha hahahahahahahhaha love that swoon block. i paired fabrics for the rest of mine this weekend. now to cut them up!