Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun with Floss

Last night I went to my first meeting of the Parksville quilt guild.  I haven't been to a guild meeting in over a decade, so it was really nice to be welcomed so warmly by everyone there.  I found a fellow orange lover, named Philippa like my sister!  I can't wait to bring some show and tell next month.  This is a pretty traditional/art quilt mix, so it will be fun to throw in some modern.

free pattern from Andrea Zuill

Anyway, the program was all about paper piecing, and I really wanted to jump up and say "I know a better way!!"  Oh, yeah, that would have made me friends.  But really, I do know a better way and I was going to blog about it today, but got distracted by other things.  Tomorrow.

So, today, my first finished block for my embroider bee.  Yay!  The bee is modern but my hive mate asked for batiks in purple and aqua.  I sure hope she's ok with the mix I used.  If it weren't for the rainbow charm swap I did over at From the Blue Chair, there wouldn't be any purple in this thing!  Um, and as much as I love this, I'm so not doing 1" squares again.

image blatantly grabbed from Lizzy House's shop

 In other news, without any fanfare, Miss Lizzy House has put her Outfox the Fox! pattern up in her shop.  Good thing I've been checking it compulsively!  I don't buy a lot of patterns, I can draft  blocks myself pretty well.  Occasionally though, there's a pattern for a quilt I really like, I know I can draft it, but I buy it anyway.  This is one of those.  I guess it's just a way of saying thanks, I like your work to the author.  So, come on pattern, come on foxy fabrics, I want to start on this one!

ciao bellas,

ps: ever wonder why I just sign of "c"?  I pretty much misspell my name every time I type it, and c is harder to misspell.

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  1. you are so fun! i think we would be best friends if we lived next door to each other, or mortal enemies.... you totally crack me up!
    1" squares..... yipes! they are perfectly pieced though, i looked. love that out fox the fox pattern. it is so great!