Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh, yeah

I'm wrestling with a massive headache today but I still managed a little sewing and a silly photoshoot.

I kind of love the chair in this photo.  Because I  love those chairs and because I just think it's too funny that I have to pull a chair out from the kitchen to use the clothesline.  Oh, and if you peek behind the quilt top (so, yes, it's a finished top, not a real finish) you can see the forest our house is plonked in.

happy hallowe'en

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  1. Awesome awesome awesome. I love it!! The forest backdrop is great too. I'm more than half way finished quilting my Swoon now. Yay!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Beautiful - I love the fabrics you have in your Swoon top !!!

  3. Oh Swoon! This is lovely! I'm so jelly!

  4. lovely! and we're in the 4 x 5 again together :)

  5. oh my gracious! it makes me wish mine was done already! i promise to make three blocks by saturday!

  6. gorgeous!
    i just bought this pattern
    can't wait to get started!