Friday, October 28, 2011

No sewing for you

That seems to be today's motto.  I kept trying, stuff kept intervening.  But...

Yesterday I sewed 2 more swoon blocks and cut a third, which, when that third one is sewn, will mean they are all done!   And I also decided that I'm not going to make this into a king (I was planning on wider sashing and a border, not extra blocks.  I'm not that crazy), it's going to be a queen and live on the spare bed.  Or get dragged around from couch to couch.  So there.

Oh, and that Aneela Hoey dog fabric?  I loved it so much I bought a whole shwack with the intention of making a skirt.  Ok, of losing 20 then making a skirt.  Now I could just make a belt, not one of those skirts your dad would call a belt, an actual belt.  I hope her new fox print comes in grey.  Maybe that will be my skirt.

Have a lovely weekend all,

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  1. Who could resist those puppies! I'll have to look for the fox print too. Your blocks are so precise and the colors are amazing. What is the name of the gray fabric with the subtle strip? It looks similar to a couple of almost solids I have been working with from Just Wing It by Momo.

  2. Your swoon blocks look great, and I agree, the puppies are fabulous!

  3. i love those blocks! and those are some cute puppies. i am glad that you know that belts are supposed to be belts, not skirts! ;)

  4. Beautiful pictures, the blocks look lovely! Love the colors and that doggy print, too. Good luck finishing this one up!