Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bee blocks, the blurgh, ack edition


Oh,man, this one sucks the big one.  I don’t know why I even attempted it today.  Yesterday I had dental surgery (nothing huge, the crown had popped off my implant, but it did involve an hour of prodding at and eventually cutting my gums) so today I’m not feeling all that great.  Add to that lots of curves, a pattern I’ve never attempted and fabric I’m not too happy with (this is the one where the fabric was missing from the package.  I tried but really don’t have anything close to the sent fabric).  So, the blurgh, ack orange peel.  Ugh.


But I think it’s good to show the things you fail at as well as the things that go right.  So lets revel in those unmatched points, puckers and waving edges.  Honesty feels good.  Ok, no, honesty sucks some times, but whatever.  Happy hump day, yo!



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  1. i think it looks fantastic... seriously, looks great to me.

  2. From one perfectionist to another...these look great! The color scheme actually works really well too.