Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Made in Cherry quilt along – fabric schemes

Have you taken a look at the latest Fat Quarterly?  There’s a great article on spring 2012 colour schemes with contributors interpreting them in quilting projects.  I always find it interesting to see where we’re going in design and fashion, though I’ve got to say, spring is looking a little blah.  Or maybe sophisticated.  Where are the clear yellows, oranges, pinks, and aquas?  Spring seems to consist mostly of dusty, subtle color choices, beautiful but I guess just not me. 


I was drawn to the “resilience” palette, though.  Funky shades of pea soup and salmon with a bunch of neutrals thrown in for fun.  But for a quilt?  So for my first Made in Cherry fabric scheme post, Made of Resilience!

pantone srping 2012 resilienc palette quilt fabric swatches

I’ve pulled my swatches from multiple lines, but one source – Pink Castle Fabrics.  There are so many fabric choices out there, limiting myself to one store made things a little easier.  Oh, and I’d love to see some Lotta Jansdotter fabrics added to this when they come out!  I’m so in love with that line, even if I can’t quite see how to incorporate it into my life.

The fabrics are:


For the background I wanted something that would really anchor all the colours – essex linen in putty. Sweet, muddy goodness!

pantone resilience large star quilt, olive green salmon taupe

And that’s how it all looks together!  Pretty good, right?  And definitely husband friendly.

happy stitching,


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  1. Love your palette - it`s such a beautiful design. When I`m home over the holidays I need to sort out some fabric for this one.

  2. This is a very pretty combination, although I have to say it isn't 'me' either, and doesn't make me think of spring. It is funny that dusty colors are coming back, I was just thinking about how much my mother loved the dusty shades when they were the style the last time around. The putty is an inspired choice for the neutral, I like the way it sets off the prints, but doesn't overpower them.

  3. i love this mock up! i really love it. how did you do it?

  4. This looks amazing Chelsea - love the colours!!