Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mission accomplished

Aka, check it out, I actually got something done!

Yup, the ironing board has been recovered!  I basically used these instructions.  Which means I read them about a week before I made my cover then tried to remember them as I was sewing because I couldn't find my ipod touch and didn't want to come downstairs to use the computer.  So it kind of looks like hers.  The only thing I really did differently is I used elastic instead of cording since I had it on hand.

Also in the land of accomplished, I bought my background fabric for my scrappy 100 patch!  And it was the hubs who picked it out!  He tagged along with me to Spool of Thread and decided that kona orange would be the perfect choice.  I don't know if he realized it was a perfect match for his scarf, but I liked it too, so done.  Stupidly I didn't buy enough so I'm going to have to order more!  oh, well.

Because I'm a procrastinator, can't read deadlines, and because we went away for the weekend, I completely missed the deadline for the Modern Mini Challenge.  So I started one last night.  A mini lone star.  Which might just give me the incentive to make a full sized one someday. 


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  1. My ironing board looks a lot like your before picture. It really is sad, I should do something about it. I like your idea of using elastic, I've got tons lying around, I'm not even sure why!

  2. Mine looks a lot like your "before" too. Only I need a whole new ironing board. Or at least 3 new feet. I have gouges in my kitchen floor (linoleum) from the metal. Now it lives on an area rug, which also makes it not shaky.

    Perhaps I should set my 12-year-old to the "create new feet" issue. I bet he could make some with foam or something.

  3. Oh my goodness, look at your old ironing cover!! This is a 1000% improvement, I'd say. ;-) I love the orange fabric, and the lonestar looks great. Can't wait to see that come together. Are there y-seams?

  4. I thought at first this post might be a GW Bush reference. ;) I love your new ironing board and can't wait to see what the snippets of the other projects turn into!

  5. I love your new ironing board cover, far to lovely to iron on. Mine sadly resembles the before!

  6. Heh, funnily enough I've been procrastinating on a new ironing board cover. I needed more foam, but I got that last week, so haven't even got that excuse now lol I do have a rather large 'to do' list first though, but one day it'll be pretty too...

    Have fun with your lone star, not sure I could handle all those diamonds and y-seams o.O

  7. LOL. I had my modern mini done weeks ago but forgot to link it up, can you belive that?! Owell, next time!

    Great cover, mine needs one too. loving the lone star. great work!

  8. so much better!! pressing should be more fun now ;)

  9. What a great transformation for your ironing board! And nicely coordinated with your fabric hoops, too! I really need to do that project, we needed an extra ironing board for last night's Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild sew-in and I was too embarrassed of my cover to volunteer my ironing board.

    I'm happy you got to visit Spool of Thread! Aren't they a great shop? A must-see for modern quilters visiting Vancouver.

    Your lone star looks great so far, looking forward to seeing it come together!

  10. Mini Lonestar, genius! Now that sounds more doable. I love your ironing board makeover. I need to do it, too :-)