Thursday, April 19, 2012

thread review - superior threads

Welcome to post 2 in my Thread Review series!  Today I'm tackling Superior Threads' Masterpiece in #152 Bisque.  Masterpiece is a 50/3 weight thread retailing for $24.95 US for 2,500 yards.  Superior Threads is a brand most associated with longarm quilters but Masterpiece isn't recommended for longarms and was designed specifically for piecing and quilting on domestic machines.

Masterpiece is billed as a long staple, low lint, strong thread.  Because it is quite fine a lot can be wound on to one bobbin.  But look at that lint!  That's a lot of lint!  There's no chance I'll be skipping a cleaning between bobbins.

That's what I want to see.  Flat, flat seams.  You really notice a difference with a thin thread like Masterpiece.  It might not seem that important, but especially when working with small pieces, seams that lie flat are just as important as getting an accurate quarter inch.

I managed to sew almost 8 On a Whim blocks using one bobbin of Superior Threads' Masterpiece , equaling approximately 1575" of sewing.

So to summarize:

Price: $24.95 / 2500 yd spool or $0.01 per yard. Yowza! C+ on price
 Lint: more than I expected.  B on lint
The flat factor:  Awesome.  A+

Overall?  B (mostly based on the really high price.  If this were cheaper I'd definitely buy it again)

PS:  If you're in Canada and are interested in trying Superior Threads, I really suggest buying from Cindy of Cindy's Threadworks.  Sorry, no coupon codes or deals to offer you, she's just my neighbour and a ton of fun!

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  1. great review chelsea! i have been using aurifil and i am a bit in love...

  2. Cripes I didn't realise it was so expensive! Thanks for the info x

  3. Interesting! I've only bought/used their King Tut's quilting thread, but I've had a lot more lint than I expected, given how others raved about its low lint - probably the same as with the Gutterman quilting stuff.

  4. I am finding these posts interesting and full of great information. Thanks!

    I nominated your blog for an award and if you wish to participate you can read about it on my blog post.

  5. I am excited to try my King Tut and So Fine threads and compare. Masterpiece is suppose to be the better quality one, so I am wondering if lint will be an even bigger issue with the ones I have.

  6. I received a box of 8 spools of Glitter Hologram & Decorative Thread as a door prize. Well, the price was right. I can't really tell you how much I hate this thread as I'd be booted of by the curse word fairy for foul language. Suffice it to say that I will never buy any of their products after this. The most frustrating afternoon of my life has just been spent digging the rats nests out of my machine 3 TIMES!! I tried everything from silicon discs in the bobbin case to Sewers Aid on the spool. Nothing works. I used the horizontal spool holder, the vertical one, and the cone holder behind the machine. I repeat, NOTHING WORKS!!! Hate it, hate it, hate it. (No, really, Susan, tell us how you really feel...)