Friday, April 20, 2012

tdsp - project one

Alright, here we go, The Denyse Schmidt Project project #1!  Fabric arrived yesterday, the husband is out for the evening, I've got a bunch of Celebrity Apprentice lined up (I do love Lisa Lampanelli's little tantrums), let's make a dent in this mother.

For my first go I'm tackling the bolt of lightning pattern.  I wanted something easy and fast for the first project and this seemed like the perfect choice.  I also wanted a lighter quilt for our bed, since the two king size quilts I've finished so far have Warm and Natural and something even heavier than WaN as the batting.  This one I'm tempted to just layer onto white flannel and quilt, skipping the batting all together.  Perfect for those summer nights when it's not quite warm enough for just a sheet.  (I obviously don't live in the south!).

Aside from the need for a not too warm quilt, I also have another weird criteria for quilts for my bed.  This is going to sound ridiculous since I love pattern and colour and in particular pattern and colour all jammed together.  But for my bed, I need minimal or I go mental.  I want to walk into a calm, white room with no clutter and just relax.  That never happens, but at least I can insure the quilt isn't driving me crazy.  Putting my clothes in the hamper would probably help, too.

Anyway, a little on the fabric.  This is my first fabric order from Connecting Threads and so far it's pretty good.  Maybe a slightly looser weave than Kona, but very very similar.  I just wish they did a colour card for their solids, it's so hard picking them off a monitor.  It will be interesting to see how they wash up once the quilt is done.  Hopefully well since you can't beat the price!


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  1. i used fleece on the back of my made in cherry quilt and it was realy nice. probably a little heavier than you were wanting for this quilt but i bet the flannel would be perfect. i think this quilt is going to be great chelsea. how will you quilt it?

  2. Calm white room with no clutter sounds nice! Those creams and whites will be beautiful. Off I go to put my clothes in the hamper. ;)

  3. just a word of warning with connecting threads fabric - some of the darker colours run really badly in the wash so if you are using those then definitely prewash! I used some in a paintbox quilt (from Oh Fransson) and about four ran. I am kicking myself for not prewashing :-/

  4. Oh it's going to look really pretty x

  5. It's going to be fun watching you make this quilt. I like the "feel" of it already! :o)