Thursday, May 24, 2012

Made in Cherry update

It took a while, but I finally quilted my Made in Cherry quilt, just in time for our local quilt show.  And I really do mean just in time.  I was sewing on the stupid hanging sleeve minutes before dropping it off!  I wanted it to be perfect, but after hurting my back and not being able to quilt (or sit for that matter) for over a week, I settled on finished (and pretty awesome - I'm not that humble!).  Oh, and if you're wondering about the back, it was just a combo of overdoing it working out followed by a really long car ride.  I've since moved on to super sore quads and glutes.  Yay!

Anyway, I tried to challenge Ms Jenny on this one and while I've got miles to go to get her skillz I'm pretty happy.  I love the leafy border, it's modern but with a trad vibe.  Kind of like the quilt itself.  I just wish I'd done something else instead of the swirls.  It's cute but I'd had other plans.

I also seriously need to come up with a better way to photograph big quilts.  I broke the clothesline last week so that's out, we don't have a fence or any outbuildings, and I'm not climbing up on the roof.  There's a park nearby with some really pretty bridges that I've thought about hanging the quilts from, but they're over waterfalls with a 50 foot drop, so I'm still just thinking about that one.

Now totally not quilt related, I have to tell you about the animal encounters we've been having lately.  Sunday I was out for a hike with the hubs and the dog, and suddenly he yells "stop".  I'm kind of surprised that my response wasn't my usual one, which is, where's the spider, get it off of me.  Nope, this time I figured I was about to step on a snake.  "Look" he yells.  I look, no snake.  "Where?"  "Look!"  By this time we're both getting annoyed.  Him because I can't see this obviously important invisible whatever, me because he's not exactly being precise on where I should look for the IW.  And then I turned my head and said "oh, bear."  And that's when we headed home.

Fast forward to today when the dog decided that a fledgling robin needed some encouragement to fly by being repeatedly bonked in the head with her nose.  Then Tron decided that a salamander needed to be carried around the garden.  Don't worry, it's very alive - it climbed into my sweater just to prove it.  Then I was upstairs and heard a cat running hell bent through the living room.  Go downstairs and see Lucy in pursuit.  Which is a little odd since Lu, as much as I love her, is more on the precious than the robust side and tends to spend her days finding items that complement her colouring then sleeping on them.  So I followed Lucy and, guess what, first cat I heard wasn't a cat at all but a baby bunny.  A really cute baby bunny that would look awfully sweet curled up with Lucy.  I just hope wild bunnies don't have fleas because we had quite the snuggle when I was taking it outside.  And I really hope it tells it's buddies (we've seen 3 babies so far) that next door, where there's no cats and no dog, might be the better place to visit.

yup, that's the woods for you.

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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous finish. I love how calming it is, I want to take a nap under it!

    Nice animal encounters too, thanks for the laugh! I'd leave too if I saw a bear that close! I hope your muscles don't hurt too bad, I am in the same boat there...

  2. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting!

  3. Love the quilt!! Sounds like you had some fun animal encounters!!

  4. ok, so i would have crapped my pants if i had seen a bear! "and THAT'S when we headed home"! ha! oh my gracious! holy cow! and your other animal stories had me cracking up!

    your quilt is amazing! i love jenny! she is an amazing quilter! you are on your way to being just as talented as she is!

    p.s. i don't think bunnies have fleas!

  5. That is a beautiful quilt! Little girl looking over my shoulder recommends you pin it in the sky for a photo ;-)
    The Made In Cherry is also my next project, I have the fabric but haven't started yet. Did you follow the pattern exactly? I'm concerned about getting the star points to look good at the edge of the quilt, did you have any difficulty with that?

  6. The quilting looks fab! Loving the animal encounters :oD

  7. Love the quilting - looks amazing!
    We found a dead hedgehog in the garden this morning :(

  8. The quilting is lovely! I really like how you used neutrals in this quilt, it looks fabulous.

  9. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to pin mine and start quilting it...!

  10. Beautiful! I have big plans to make this quilt {at some point} with all of my scraps. :)