Thursday, June 7, 2012

i've been stitching

We didn't take the dog for a walk last night, I sewed instead. And today again I stole a few hours. 

And finished my patchwork prism top!

I'm so in love with it!  These are all cherished prints and the way light and dark skips across the top seems to make them even more vibrant.  I'm so glad I stuck with this one rather than just adding it to the mental list or pile of ufos!

As I said before, I went smaller, cutting my triangles from 3½" strips.  The top measures about 26" by 22", so it won't be covering anyone's bed but should be perfect as a wall hanging.

Now I just have to baste it so I can do some hand quilting tonight.  Yay!


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  1. It's so beautiful. This is definitely on my mental to do list.

  2. I have visions of the poor dog sitting there with its paws crossed right now! The top's looking good though!

  3. It looks beautiful! Can't wait to see how you hand quilt it!

  4. ah! love it! gorgeous! the colors are super beautiful! so glad you finally got some quality time with your sewing machine! :)

  5. Looking good Chelsea! I can't wait to see the hand quilting!

  6. That is so beautiful. I really like how you have positioned the fabrics, it gives it so much movement.