Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a bevy of bee blocks

What can I say,  bee blocks.  Some are late, some are early, but I stitched them all.  Behold the bee blocks.

Travelling Circles August.  These be late!  Haha, yeah.  In my defense, I'm a total slacker, so they could be later.  They'll be in the mail to miss lady face sometime this week.

Don't Worry Bee Happy.  See above.  These look so easy going and fun, but as I've mentioned before, improv is stressful.  Must be the not saying no thing.  Anyone else watch that trainwreck celebrity apprentice?

Do good stitches..... September!  Yay for early!  Yay for easy blocks!  Bee sisters better have loved this month because I'm the queen of October and October is...

Ok not super hard, but not as easy as wonky stars.  But you'll love these, I promise!  I'll post a tutorial in the next few days, but for now, behold the glory of the October bee block.

adios yo,

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  1. I love the october block! Can't wait to get my teeth into it ;-)

  2. Heh, I'm the nutter that likes those mod mosaic blocks :oD Love the look of your October blocks though

  3. Wonderful blocks, all of them! I still haven't joined a bee... Really want to someday.

  4. "they could be later"....haha

    Love that October block and I'm waiting for the tutorial!

  5. Oh, very good writing here. Seriously loving your tone. And, yes, your blocks! October's DGS especially.

  6. Love all of your blocks Chelsea!

  7. you are such a kick in the pants my dear! i am loving the october block! xo

  8. Love your October bee block. Look forward to the tutorial.