Thursday, September 20, 2012

I met kim kardashian today

Ok, not really, but that's kind of what it felt like.  I met Heather from Crafting... and it felt just like meeting a celebrity.  Suddenly this face that I only associated with the interbits was pulling up in  a car in front of me.  I had to turn away because I was grinning like such a goober!  Heather is adorable, tiny, has a killer hair cut (unlike my let's see how long I can go without a cut - xmas 2011 and counting! - mop. If you're wondering, it's not that long, I think breakage makes up for a lot of the not cutting),  and has some made piecing skillz.  It was so cool to chat with her in real life!!  I just hope I didn't come off too much like a blithering idiot.  Sometimes my brain is going so fast that my mouth can't keep up!

Then to make an awesome day even better, I came home to some mail lovelies!

Heather Ross' new book!  Woohoo!  I ordered it on Sunday from Chapters (Canadian book retailer yo) and can't believe it got here so quickly!  I was expecting it to ship at the same time as the new Anna Maria Horner, so I was even more shocked to see it in the box.   I can't wait to try Heather's fabric design method, her workflow offers some great new to me ideas.  Whether I can make anything worth printing is another question, though.

Then this lovely bundle of goodies from Jean at My Garden of Loves!  Check it out, that's some of the Spotlight only DS quilts fabric!  I seriously never thought I'd get my hands on any of that!!  And a covered buttons kit!  So hard to find!  I wear my hair in a sloppy bun most of the time and have been thinking some covered buttons on my pony holder would be a good idea.  There's some gorgeous little trims in there, too, altogether such a fun bundle.

And did you see under her goodies that my Martha had arrived?  Why does she have to taunt me with caramel corn of all things?  I'm trying to lose some weight and have been attempting to go low carb/ low g.i.  Which is kind of hard when you're vegetarian.  Reading up on some of the truly low carb diets, I could basically eat 2 cups of green veg, 4 oz of cheese, and a bunch of fat each day.  Ok, I'd lose weight, that's for sure, but I think I'd lose my nut, too.  So instead I'm just eating healthy, real foods, skipping the sugar in my tea (god that hurts), the bread, pasta, etc.  I guess I could try to add eggs to my diet, and speed things up a bit since they make me throw up, but I'm crazy, not stupid!  What I wouldn't give for something sweet right now!  But since fake sugars scare me more than heights, I'll just have an apple.  Someone needs to come up with medically induced comas for dieters!


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  1. That's awesome that you and Heather met up! Funny, I'd never thought of Heather and Kim Kardashian together before... I know the thrill of meeting an online friend, I just got to meet Katie of There and Back at the VMQG retreat on the weekend.

    What happy mail!

  2. Ok, I didn't know that Heather was coming out with a book. Where have I been? going to look it up now.

  3. ha - Chelsea, you flatter me. I don't know if so many nice things about me have been said in one sentence before. :) It was SO nice meeting you and look forward to the next guild meeting (and my quilt!!)

  4. its glad to know that you have received the goodies safely.. have fun with them! ^^

  5. Ha ha. When I met Amy Butler I said it was like meeting the Lady Gaga of the quilting world!

  6. Hee hee, fun meeting! I've also not had a hair cut since the end of November 2011, but I have a permanent air of having been dragged through a hedge backwards from the day after I step out of hte hairdresser onwards, so I only go every 6 months or so on principle ;o)

    As for the losing weight, I genuinely can help you with that. I have a new blog where I'm reviewing a whole bunch of recipes I find online which are South Beach diet friendly. They're low gi, and I've got a large number of Pinterest boards associated. Have a read at the about page, give me a shout if you need any info and I can talk you through it. I don't eat much meat, so you'll be able to find loads of vegetarian stuff on there.

  7. seriously, go look at katy's pinterest boards. she has found some really really great recipes that are vegetarian. i have stopped putting sugar in my tea also and it was hard at first but it is much easier now. are you just drinking black tea or are you drinking green or chai?

    p.s. i want to meet you, we could have a swear off! ;) xo

  8. ooohhh so jealous!! I love Heather! Lovely goodies too, I'd not seen that book it looks cool!

  9. I'm so jealous of you guys! One day I'll come up and visit your neck of the woods. :)

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