Sunday, September 16, 2012

softly against black

I love Rachel's most recent contest idea over at Stitched in Color, softly against black.  Black has been seeping in to home decor over the last few years, so why not our quilts, too?  It's rich, dramatic, cozy, lush.  Use black for a chalkboard wall and it's tactile.

Just don't go Elvis on us.

an old abandoned project of mine from the 90s.  Notice the dust and cat hair!  Too trad for my taste now.
Black used in quilts can seem too traditional, too Amish, but it also makes softer fabrics shine and deep, dark fabrics come to life. 

 feathered, moon rabbits, velocity tin rooftops, postmodern, pollen, sinister swarm, building sketch, flip flop, muji, stars, bird's eye viewshards

My tastes have changed a lot since I first started quilting.  Back then I wanted to recreate antique quilts, now I want to explore colour palettes I love and realize that living in an often drizzly part of the country, the brighter the better.  So for my softly against black palette I'm layering black with shades of navy and indigo for richness, smoothing it out with peach and aqua, and spiking it with pink and citrine.  Hope you like it!


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  1. Wow! I love your choices. This really "works" for me.

  2. you chose a great selection of fabrics for your mosaic! good luck in the contest!

    The fabrics may be more traditional, but I like your abandoned WIP. I love the crazy patch star pattern

  3. Oh I love blacks, greys and all the bright colours, but I don't think I'll ever be able to embrace traditional palettes! Like your choices here

  4. Thanks for the laugh....i just read your 'lets get aquainted' post.
    You're a scream girl! I want a potty and basin in my den!
    Love your stuff, swear away when i am around. I dont really swear but it does not bother me...groovy day

  5. oh...and i LOVE your lone star....totally beautiful...definitely going to get on to this one soon..................................i hope!