Tuesday, November 6, 2012

please vote... again

While everyone's got their eye on the US elections, I'm not asking you to choose between democrats or republicans, but something even harder. Quilts.  My hexy baby is in the running for favorite professionally quilted over at Amy's Creative Side!  And because I'm not a politician (on a side note, I was listening to the Gian Ghomeshi show today, he interviewed PJ O'Rourke who said he'd never run for pres because you have to be sober the whole time.  For me it would be the not swearing in public bit.  Oh and being Canadian) I'm not going to bash any of my co-nominees.  In fact, I'm pretty much blown away to be in the running with them.  Jenny from Sew Kind of Wonderful?  One of my quilting heroes.  Margaret Gunn?  Ridonculously talented.  Actually everyone is so talented in this group it's beyond belief.  So if you want to vote for me, please do, but whoever you vote for, they definitely deserve it.

And since a post is boring without photos, I bring you Bea's new dog bed.  It went from this shiny shiny monstrosity:

for some reason it didn't photograph shiny, but it was.  oh it was.
To this equally large but a lot prettier patchwork version:

gotta love the cat grafitti on the couch
 If you ever buy one of these beds (costco) be warned, the sewing job on them is really lousy making it awfully hard to just slap on some patchwork and batting and sew the pieces back together using the original fabric as pattern pieces/backing.  Like I did.  There is way more fudge in there than is good for anything, even a dog bed.


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  1. Congrats on the nom!

    The dog bed looks great!

  2. I'd already voted for you - hope you win!!

    Hi Bea! Nice bed. :)

    Did you hear that the NMQG is postponed until January?? :(

  3. Looks great (I see you re-discovered the motivation for this project). Bea is gorgeous - looks like she is appreciating her new bed. PS - I voted for you!

  4. Done and done - but I may repeal my vote if I find out A) you were sober throughout all of the voting and B) you didn't swear while quilting your hexy baby. Be honest.

  5. You got my vote - before I saw that the dog sleeps on Denyse Schmidt, Tula Pink....!!!

  6. I voted yesterday and voted for you :) I love that quilt! That is the nicest dog bed, I'm not surprised Hadley is having a fit ;)

  7. Hi there! Just discovered you from the Blogathon Canada hop. I lived in Qualicum beach for 5 years ; )

  8. That's a lovely dog bed, my cats should be so lucky ;)