Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good fabric day

Oh it's a good fabric day indeed! First off, Canadians, get your butts to Superstore (or Loblaws or a freestanding Joe Fresh store). Sometimes I feel a little embarrassed that most of my wardrobe comes from the grocery store, but when you live somewhere where the other choices are Costco, Walmart, and Marks Work Warehouse, Superstore's options seem pretty darn good. But. But. I went to find a new pair of pj bottoms today, and if you've never checked out the Joe stuff from Superstore, let the pj section be your gateway drug. I picked up the cutest pair of pj bottoms for $4.94!

In fact, I picked up 2, because that stripe, woven, not printed, needs to be in a quilt.

If you're from the US you might not understand how excited I am by this purchase. Well, even though the Canadian dollar is currently trading higher than the greenback, we still live in fabric screwville. One meter of quilting cotton (about 39" rather than the 36" yard) costs us between $14 and $17 before tax. And in order to pay for that social safety net we all gloat about, those tax figures are in the double digits. Gulp. No wonder so many of us order fabric online from the US! So $4.94 for close to a yard of fabric (XL, baby!) is a rockin' deal. A deal worth calling your peeps about! Or blogging. I have no peeps.

The other fabric yay is my 1st Moda jelly roll. Sherbet Pips! Boo-ya!!! I am so stoked about these babies. I know I'm going to need some yardage (especially of those dogs) when the line official comes out, but for now I'm happy with this bundle. Way more than happy. As soon as I started seeing pix from the lucky bums who got preview bundles I was all over the net like cat hair on batting, hunting for my own chunk. And it's here! It's all over my couch, actually!!! Now I just need to pull out my white and get started on that postage stamp quilt. Oh, and make popcorn. The healthy lunch!

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